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Tundra & Snow

Arctic Handknitted 80% Qiviut / 20% silk
We are happy to introduce the new Tundra and Snow line which differs from our traditional line in that it is knitted from a yarn made from 80% qiviut and 20% silk, in member-designed patterns, incorporating the natural qiviut color with a beautiful bleached white.


Pom-Pom (click to enlarge)
The Pom-Pom can be added to the top of any hat. Each Pom-Pom is different and made with the Tundra and Snow yarn to match any hat you want to add it to.
Price: $ 15.00

Sunburst Cap

Sunburst Cap (click to enlarge)
The Sunburst cap, has a larger crown which can be worn in several ways. Shown with the extra pulled down and a Pom-Pom. Pom-Pom can be added with an extra $15 charge Also, please state Small, Medium, or Large in the Comments area when placing an order.
Price: $ 195.00

We do not sell the fiber, patterns, or the yarn used by our members.

We have a limited quantity of BULKY QIVIUT yarn which we are making available in a Cap Kit.
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