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The Singing Fisherman

One of our members and her husband. They are from Mekoryuk.

Member in Toksook Bay

One of the Knitters in Toksook Bay

State of Alaska Notebook on Musk Oxen

Facts and information about wild muskoxen in Alaska

Bell's Alaska Guide

Bell's Alakan Travel Guide is a complete guide for the traveler exploring Alaska, The Yukon, and British Columbia.


See a live updated picture of 4th Avenue in downtown Anchorage.

Mekoryuk's web page

Web site of the Whitman family. The Whitman's live in the village of Mekoryuk, located on Nunavak Island in the Bering Sea. The web site has information on the villages people and events, as well as weather conditions.

The Ulu Factory

The Ulu factory produces quality cuttlery using state of the art equipment. The Ulu is a curved knife traditionaly used by Native Alaskans. The Ulu factory's bowl block and instrucitonal video make the Ulu a valuable addition to any knitchen.

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